You create the endpoints that allow vRealize Automation to communicate with your infrastructure. Depending on your machine provisioning needs, the procedure to create an endpoint differs.

Choose an endpoint scenario based on the target endpoint type.

Table 1. Choosing an Endpoint Scenario


Create Endpoint


Create a vSphere Endpoint

vSphere with NSX

Create a vSphere Endpoint with Network and Security Integration

vSphere with Net App FlexClone technology for storage

Create a NetApp ONTAP Endpoint

vRealize Orchestrator

Create a vRealize Orchestrator Endpoint

External IPAM provider endpoint

Create an External IPAM Provider Endpoint

vCloud Air Subscription or OnDemand

Create a vCloud Air Endpoint

vCloud Director

Create a vCloud Director Endpoint

Hyper-V Standalone

Create a Standalone Endpoint for Hyper-V

Hyper-V with SCVMM (Microsoft Center Virtual Machine Manager)

Create a Hyper-V (SCVMM) Endpoint


Create a KVM (RHEV) Endpoint

Amazon cloud service account

OpenStack tenant

Create an OpenStack or PowerVC Endpoint


Create an OpenStack or PowerVC Endpoint

Xen pool on a XenServer

Create a Xen Pool Endpoint


Create a XenServer Endpoint

Import a list of endpoints