Entitlements determine which users and groups can request specific catalog items or perform specific actions. Entitlements are specific to a business group.

Business group managers can create entitlements for the groups that they manage. Tenant administrators can create entitlements for any business group in their tenant. When you create an entitlement, you must select a business group and specify individual users and groups in the business group for the entitlement.

You can entitle an entire service category, which entitles all of the catalog items in that service, including items that are added to the service after you create the entitlement. You can also add individual catalog items in a service to an entitlement. Services do not contain actions. You must add actions to an entitlement individually.

For each service, catalog item, or action that you entitle, you can optionally specify an approval policy to apply to requests for that item. If you entitle an entire service and a specific catalog item in that service in the same entitlement, the approval policy on the catalog item overrides the policy on the service. For example, you can entitle the Cloud Infrastructure service to members of a business group and allow them to request any of its items with no approval policy. For a select number of catalog items that require more governance for their provisioning, you can entitle those in the same entitlement and apply an approval policy on just those items.

The actions that you entitle to users apply to any items that support the entitled action and they are not limited to the services and actions in the same entitlement. For example, if Connie, a consumer of infrastructure services, is entitled to Machine Blueprint 1 and the action Reconfigure in one entitlement, and she is also entitled to Machine Blueprint 2 in a different entitlement, then she is entitled to reconfigure machines provisioned from Machine Blueprint 1 and Machine Blueprint 2, as long as both blueprints allow that action to be performed.

If multiple entitlements exist for the same business group, you can prioritize the entitlements. When a user makes a catalog request, the entitlement and associated approval policy that applies is the highest priority entitlement that grants the user access to that item or action.