You can configure multiple endpoints to connect to different vRealize Orchestrator servers, but you must configure a priority for each endpoint.

When executing vRealize Orchestrator workflows, vRealize Automation tries the highest priority vRealize Orchestrator endpoint first. If that endpoint is not reachable, then it proceeds to try the next highest priority endpoint until a vRealize Orchestrator server is available to run the workflow.



  1. Select Infrastructure > Endpoints > Endpoints.
  2. Select New > Orchestration > vCenter Orchestrator.
  3. Enter a name and, optionally, a description.
  4. Enter a URL with the fully qualified name or IP address of the vRealize Orchestrator server and the vRealize Orchestrator port number.

    The transport protocol must be HTTPS. If no port is specified, the default port 443 is used.

    To use the default vRealize Orchestrator instance embedded in the vRealize Automation appliance, type https://vrealize-automation-appliance-hostname:443/vco.

  5. Specify the endpoint priority.
    1. Click New Property.
    2. Enter VMware.VCenterOrchestrator.Priority in the Name text box.

      The property name is case sensitive.

    3. Enter an integer greater than or equal to 1 in the Value text box.

      Lower value means higher priority.

    4. Click the Save icon (Save).
  6. Click OK.