To install IaaS on your distributed virtual or physical Windows servers, you download a copy of the IaaS installer from the vRealize Automation appliance.

About this task

If you see certificate warnings during this process, continue past them to finish the installation.



  1. (Optional) Activate HTTP if you are installing on a Windows 2012 machine.
    1. Select Features > Add Features from Server Manager.
    2. Expand WCF Services under .NET Framework Features.
    3. Select HTTP Activation.
  2. Using an account with administrator privileges, log in to the Windows server.
  3. Point a Web browser to the following URL on the vRealize Automation appliance.


  4. Click IaaS Installer.
  5. Save setup__vrealize-automation-appliance-FQDN@5480 to the Windows server.

    Do not change the installer file name. It is used to connect the installation to the vRealize Automation appliance.

  6. Download the installer file to each IaaS Windows server on which you are installing components.

What to do next

Install an IaaS database, see Choosing an IaaS Database Scenario.