You can obtain IP addresses and ranges for use in network profile definition from a supported external IPAM provider, such as Infoblox.

Before you can use an external IPAM provider endpoint in a vRealize Automation network profile, you must download or otherwise obtain a vRealize Orchestrator IPAM provider package, import the package and run required workflows in vRealize Orchestrator, and register the IPAM solution as a vRealize Automation endpoint in vRealize Orchestrator.

For an overview of the provisioning process for using an external IPAM provider to supply a range of possible IP addresses, see Checklist for Provisioning a vRealize Automation Deployment Using an External IPAM Provider.

Table 1. Preparing for External IPAM Provider Support Checklist




Check Box Obtain and import the supported external IPAM Provider vRealize Orchestrator plug-in.

Download the IPAM provider package, for example Infoblox IPAM, from the VMware Solution Exchange and import the package to vRealize Orchestrator.

If the VMware Solution Exchange ( does not contain the IPAM provider package that you need, you can create your own using the IPAM Solution Provider SDK and supporting documentation.

See Obtain and Import the External IPAM Provider Package in vRealize Orchestrator.

Check Box Run the required configuration workflows and register the external IPAM solution as a vRealize Automation endpoint.

Run the vRealize Orchestrator configuration workflows and register the IPAM provider endpoint type in vRealize Orchestrator.

See Run the Workflow to Register the Infoblox IPAM Endpoint Type in vRealize Orchestrator.