You add an XaaS blueprint to an application blueprint similar to how you add other blueprints in the design canvas.

About this task

Use this method to add an XaaS to an application blueprint that contains other blueprints. If the XaaS blueprint is all that you want to provide to your users, you can add it to a service and entitle users to it without adding it to an application blueprint.

If you run a scale in or scale out action on a deployed application blueprint, the XaaS blueprint is not scaled.



  1. Select Design > Blueprints.
  2. Select the name of the blueprint to which you are adding the XaaS.

    The design canvas appears. It contains the current application component blueprints and other components.

  3. Click XaaS in the Categories list.
  4. Drag your blueprint to the canvas.
  5. Configure the default values for the general parameters and infrastructure options.

    These default values appear in the service catalog form when a user requests the item.

  6. Click Finish.


The XaaS blueprint is now part of the application blureprint.

What to do next

Verify that the application blueprint is added to a service and entitled to users. See Managing the Service Catalog.