As of 7.0, vRealize Automation cost profiles are no longer supported and are not migrated into the target deployment during upgrade. However, you can leverage the enhanced integration with vRealize Business to manage your vRealize Automation resource costs.

vRealize Business is now tightly integrated with vRealize Automation and supports the following enhanced costing features.

  • Unified location in vRealize Business to define flexible pricing policies for:

    • Infrastructure resource, machine, and application blueprints

    • All types of endpoints in vRealize Automation

    • Any operational cost, one time cost, and cost on custom properties

  • Role-based showback reports in vRealize Business

  • Fully leverage new features in vRealize Business

Before you upgrade, you can export your existing cost reports from your source vRealize Automation instance for reference. After you complete your upgrade, you can install and configure vRealize Business to handle costing.