As a vCenter Server administrator, you want to prepare a vSphere CentOS 6.x Linux template and customization specification that you can use to provision the vRealize Automation Dukes Bank sample application.

You want to ensure that your template supports the sample application software components, so you install the guest agent and the software bootstrap agent onto your Linux reference machine before you convert it to a template and create a customization specification. You disable SELinux on your reference machine to ensure your template supports the specific implementation of MySQL used in the Dukes Bank sample application.


  • Install and fully configure vRealize Automation. See Install and Configure a vRealize Automation Proof of Concept Deployment for Rainpole.

  • Identify or create a CentOS 6.x Linux reference machine with VMware Tools installed. For information about creating virtual machines, see the vSphere documentation.

  • You must be connected to a vCenter Server to convert a virtual machine to a template. You cannot create templates if you connect the vSphere Client directly to an vSphere ESXi host.


You created a template and customization specification from your reference machine that supports the vRealize Automation Dukes Bank sample application.