You can use the sample workflows as examples, or as starting points for creating your own custom workflows.

You can find these workflows on the Workflows view of the vRealize Orchestrator client, in the Sample subdirectory of the plug-in library.

Workflow Name


Create a permission

Provides a sample script that interacts with the authorization client and the permission service to create a permission in vRealize Automation.

Create a tenant

Creates a tenant with the same vRealize Automation host and Active Directory configuration as the default tenant. To run this workflow, select the vRealize Automation host that was added with your system administrator credentials. You can change the Active Directory settings before running the workflow.

List catalog items

Returns a list of catalog items for the selected tenant.

Print catalog item provisioning request as JSON

Retrieves the default request form for a catalog item and adds it to the console log in JSON format. You can be used the data to customize a provisioning request. You can use the information to modify the Request a catalog item with a provisioning request workflow.