Using the test user account, you log in to your successfully provisioned vSphere CentOS machine.


  1. Select Items > Machines.
  2. Select the arrow next to the CentOS on vSphere item.

    The provisioned machine appears under the expanded item.

  3. Click the provisioned machine.
  4. Click Remote Log in to Machine on the right-hand panel.
  5. Log in to the machine.


You installed vRealize Automation in a minimal deployment, set up a proof of concept, and configured your environment for ongoing development of blueprints.

What to do next

  • If you purchased a vRealize Automation enterprise license, you can continue reading to learn about provisioning machines with software components.

  • Plan for installing a production environment. See Reference Architecture.

  • Learn about more options for configuring vRealize Automation, designing and exporting blueprints, and governing your service catalog. See Configuring vRealize Automation.