You can create and use vRealize Automation blueprints to provision machines as registered Docker Container hosts.

For a provisioned machine to be registered as a container host, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The machine is provisioned by a blueprint that contains Containers-specific custom properties.

    The required container-specific custom properties are supplied in two property groups. See Using Container Properties and Property Groups in a Blueprint.

    For information about using custom properties and property groups in vRealize Automation, see Custom Properties Reference.

  • The machine is accessible over the network.

    For example, the machine must have a valid IP address and be powered on.

You can define a vRealize Automation blueprint to contain specific custom properties that designate a machine as a container host when provisioned using the blueprint.

When a machine with the required blueprint properties is successfully provisioned, it is registered in the Containers and receives events and actions from vRealize Automation.