Optionally, you can start an initial content workflow for a vSphere endpoint.

About this task

The process uses a local user called configurationadmin that is granted administrator rights.


  1. Create and enter a password for the configurationadmin account in the Password text box.
  2. Reenter the password in the Confirm password text box. Make a note of the password for later use.
  3. Click Create Initial Content.
  4. Click Next.


A configuration admin user is created and a configuration catalog item is created in the default tenant. The configuration admin is granted the following rights:

  • Approval Administrator

  • Catalog Administrator

  • IaaS Administrator

  • Infrastructure Architect

  • Tenant Administrator

  • XaaS Architect

What to do next

  • When you finish the wizard, you can log in to the default tenant as the configurationadmin user and request the initial content catalog items. For an example of how to request the item and complete the manual user action, see Installing and Configuring vRealize Automation for the Rainpole Scenario.

  • Configure access to the default tenant for other users. See Configure Access to the Default Tenant.