All the custom properties that vRealize Automation supplies are available in the upgraded deployment. Custom properties and property groups are upgraded.

Terminology and Related Changes

All the build profiles that you created in the source deployment are upgraded as property groups. The term build profile has been retired.

The term property set has been retired and CSV property set files are no longer available.

Case-sensitivity in Custom Property Names

Prior to vRealize Automation 7.0, custom property names were case-insensitive. In vRealize Automation 7.0 and later, custom property names are case-sensitive. During upgrade, custom property names must be an exact match, including their case, to ensure that property values do not override one another and that they correctly match property dictionary definitions. For example, a custom property expressed as hostname and another custom property expressed as HOSTNAME are considered different custom properties by vRealize Automation 7.0 and later and do not override one another during upgrade.

Reserved Property Names

Several keywords are now reserved and some upgraded properties might be impacted. Some keywords are used by the blueprint code that can be imported, for example by using vRealize CloudClient blueprint import functions. These keywords are considered reserved and are not available for properties that are being upgraded. The keywords include but are not limited to cpu, storage, and memory.