As the tenant administrator, you create a Dev and QE entitlement and add the catalog items and some relevant actions so your development and quality engineering users can request the CentOS with MySQL catalog item, and run actions against the machine and the deployment.

About this task

In this scenario, you entitle the service because you want users to be entitled to any future catalog items that are added to this service. You also want to allow your users to manage their provisioned deployment, so you add actions like power on and off, snapshot, and destroy deployment to the entitlement.


  1. Select Administration > Catalog Management > Entitlements.
  2. Click the New icon (Add).
  3. Configure the details.
    1. Enter the name Dev and QE Entitlement in the Name text box.
    2. In the Status drop-down menu, select Active.
    3. In the Business Group drop-down menu, select the Dev and QE group.
    4. In the Users and Groups area, add one or more users.

      Add yourself only, unless you are certain that the blueprint is working as intended. If it is, you can add individual users and you can add custom user groups.

    5. Click Next.
  4. Add the service.

    Although you are adding the CentOS and MySQL catalog items separately, adding the service ensures that any addition items that you add to the service at a later date are available to the business group members in the service catalog.

    1. Click the Add Services icon (Add) beside the Entitled Services heading.
    2. Select Dev and QE Service.
    3. Click OK.

    Dev and QE service is added to the Entitled Services list.

  5. Add actions.
    1. Click the Add Actions icon (Add) beside the Entitled Actions heading.
    2. Click the Type column header to sort the list.

      Select the following actions based on type. These actions are useful to the development and quality engineering users working with their test case machines, and are the only actions that you want these business group members to use.


      Action Name


      Power On


      Power Off

      Virtual Machine

      Create Snapshot

      Virtual Machine

      Revert To Snapshot



      The deployment destroy action destroys the entire deployment and not just the virtual machine.

    3. Click OK.

    The five actions are added to the Entitled Actions list.

  6. Click Finish.


You added the CentOS with MySQL catalog item to your new Dev and QE catalog service and entitled your business group members to request and manage the item.

What to do next

After you verify your work by provisioning the CentOS with MySQL catalog item, you can add additional users to the entitlement to make the catalog item publicly available to your development and quality engineering users. If you want to further govern the provisioning of resources in your environment, you can create approval policies for the MySQL Software component and the CentOS for Software Testing machine. See Scenario: Create and Apply CentOS with MySQL Approval Policies.