You can perform a command line based vRealize Automation Management Agent installation on any IaaS Windows server.

Silent Management Agent installation consists of a Windows PowerShell script in which you customize a few settings. After adding your deployment-specific settings, you can silently install the Management Agent on all of your IaaS Windows servers by running copies of the same script on each one.


  • Deploy the vRealize Automation appliance.

  • Create or identify your IaaS Windows servers, and configure their prerequisites.


  1. Log in to the IaaS Windows server using an account that has administrator rights.
  2. Open a Web browser to the vRealize Automation appliance installer URL.


  3. Right-click the link to the InstallManagementAgent.ps1 PowerShell script file, and save it to the desktop or a folder on the IaaS Windows server.
  4. Open InstallManagementAgent.ps1 in a text editor.
  5. Near the top of the script file, add your deployment-specific settings.
    • The vRealize Automation appliance URL


    • vRealize Automation appliance root user account credentials

    • vRealize Automation service user credentials, a domain account with administrator privileges on the IaaS Windows servers

    • The folder where you want to install the Management Agent, Program Files (x86) by default

    • The thumbprint of the PEM format certificate that you are using for authentication

  6. Save and close InstallManagementAgent.ps1.
  7. To silently install the Management Agent, double-click InstallManagementAgent.ps1.
  8. (Optional) Verify that installation has finished by locating VMware vCloud Automation Center Management Agent in the Windows Control Panel list of Programs and Features, and in the list of Windows services that are running.