When necessary, you can use the following procedure to shut down services on your IaaS Windows server.

About this task

Before you begin the upgrade, shut down vCloud Automation Center services on your IaaS Windows servers. Shut down vCloud Automation Center services in the recommended order for all servers that are running IaaS services.


Except for a passive backup instance of the Manager Service, the startup type for all services must be set to Automatic during the upgrade process. The upgrade process fails if you set services to Manual.


  1. Log in to your IaaS Windows server.
  2. Select Start > Administrative Tools > Services.
  3. Shut down services in the following order. Be sure not to shut down the actual machine.

    Each virtual machine has a Management agent, which must be stopped with each set of services.

    1. All VMware vCloud Automation Center agents

    2. All VMware DEM workers

    3. VMware DEM orchestrator

    4. VMware vCloud Automation Center Service

  4. For distributed installation deployments with load balancers, disable all of the secondary nodes and remove the vRealize Automation health monitors for the following items.
    1. vRealize Automation appliance
    2. IaaS Website
    3. IaaS Manager Service

    Verify that load balancer traffic is directed only to the primary nodes and that the vRealize Automation health monitors are removed, otherwise the upgrade fails.

  5. Verify that the IaaS service hosted in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is running by performing the following steps.
    1. In your browser, go to the URL https://webhostname/Repository/Data/MetaModel.svc to verify that the Web Repository is running. If successful, no errors are returned and you see a list of models in XML format.
    2. Check the status recorded in the Repository.log file on the Web node of the Iaas virtual machine to see that status reports OK. The file is located in the VCAC home folder at /Server/Model Manager Web/Logs/Repository.log.

      For a distributed IaaS Website, log in to the secondary website, without MMD, and stop Microsoft IIS temporarily. Check the MetaModel.svc connectivity, and start the Microsoft IIS to ensure that the load balancer traffic is going only through the primary Web node.

What to do next

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