You install the Management Agent on the IaaS Windows server in your deployment.

About this task

The Management Agent registers the IaaS Windows server with the vRealize Automation appliance, automates the installation and management of IaaS components, and collects support and telemetry information. The Management Agent runs as a Windows service.

If you host the vRealize Automation SQL Server database on a separate Windows machine that does not host the IaaS components, the SQL Server machine does not need the Management Agent.



  1. Log in to the IaaS Windows server using an account that has administrator rights.
  2. Open a Web browser to the vRealize Automation appliance installer URL.


  3. Click Management Agent installer, and save vCAC-IaaSManagementAgent-Setup.msi.
  4. Run vCAC-IaaSManagementAgent-Setup.msi.
  5. Read the welcome and click Next.
  6. Accept the EULA and click Next.
  7. Confirm or change the installation folder, and click Next.

    The default folder is %Program Files(x86)%\VMware\vCAC\Management Agent.

  8. Enter Management Site Service details.

    Text box


    vRA appliance address


    You must include the port number.

    Root username

    The root user name for the vRealize Automation appliance.


    The root user password for the vRealize Automation appliance.

    Management Site server certificate

    The SHA1 fingerprint for the Management Site Service certificate. The Management Site Service is hosted on the vRealize Automation appliance.

    Sample SHA1 fingerprint: DFF5FA0886DA2920D227ADF8BC9CDE4EF13EEF78


    Click Load to load the default fingerprint.

    Management site service information for installing a management agent

  9. Verify that the fingerprint matches the one from the vRealize Automation appliance certificate, and select the confirmation checkbox.

    If the fingerprints do not match, verify that the correct address appears in vRA appliance address. Make changes and reload the fingerprint, if necessary.

  10. Click Next.
  11. Enter the service account user name and password, and click Next.
  12. Click Install.
  13. Click Finish.


After you install the Management Agent, the IaaS Windows server appears on the Installation Prerequisites page of the Installation Wizard.