You can start the reconfiguration immediately or schedule it to start at a particular day and time. You can also specify the power option for the machine before reconfiguring it.


Reconfigure Networks.


  1. Click the Execution tab.
  2. (Optional) Select an option from the Execute request drop-down menu.




    Start reconfiguration as soon as possible after approval.


    Start reconfiguration at the specified date and time. Type or select the date and time in the text boxes that appear.

    The scheduled time is the local time where the vRealize Automation Web server is located. If Execute request is not available, reconfiguration starts immediately.

  3. (Optional) Select a power action from the Power action drop-down menu.



    Reboot if required

    (Default) If required, reboot the machine before reconfiguring it.


    Reboot the machine before reconfiguring it, regardless of whether reboot is required.

    Do not reboot

    Do not reboot the machine before reconfiguring it, even if reboot is required.

    The following conditions require that the machine be rebooted before reconfiguration:

    • CPU change where hot add is not supported or is disabled

    • Memory change where hot memory is not supported or is disabled

    • Storage change where hot storage is disabled

    If the machine is in the shutdown state, it is not rebooted.


    You can disable the vSphere hot add option by using the VirtualMachine.Reconfigure.DisableHotCpu custom property.

  4. Click OK.

What to do next

You can monitor the progress of the reconfiguration by observing the workflow states displayed in the user interface. See Workflow States of Reconfigure Operations.