This section lists vRealize Automation custom properties that begin with the letter P.

Table 1. Custom Properties P Table




Set to True to delete the accounts of destroyed machines, instead of disabling them.


Set to True to enable the Active Directory cleanup plug-in. By default, each machine’s account is disabled when it is destroyed.


Moves the account of destroyed machines to a new Active Directory organizational unit. The value is the organization unit to which you are moving the account. This value must be in ou=OU, dc=dc format, for example ou=trash,cn=computers,dc=lab,dc=local.


Specifies an Active Directory account user name with sufficient privileges to perform Active Directory actions such as delete, disable, rename, or move Active Directory accounts. The value must be in domain\username format, for example lab\administrator. This property is required if the vRealize Automation manager service does not have these rights in a domain, which can occur when you provision machines in more than one domain.


Specifies the password associated to the Plugin.AdMachineCleanup.UserName property.


Specifies the Active Directory domain name that contains the machine account to be destroyed.


Renames the accounts of destroyed machines by adding a prefix. The value is the prefix string to prepend, for example destroyed_.


Specifies the name of an EPI PowerShell script installed in the vRealize Automation Model Manager, to run on the machine after it is provisioned. The value is the name assigned to the script when it is uploaded to the Model Manager, for example clean.ps1.


Specifies a custom EPI PowerShell script to run on the machine before it is started by using the PXE network boot program. The value is the name assigned to the script when it is uploaded to the model manager, for example setup.ps1.