By using XaaS, you can create and publish a catalog item for provisioning a user in a group. You can also associate a new post-provisioning operation to the provisioned user. For example, an operation so that the service catalog users can change the user password.

As an XaaS architect, you create a custom resource, an XaaS blueprint, and publish a catalog item for creating a user. You also create a resource action for changing the password of the user.

As a catalog administrator, you create a service and include the blueprint catalog item in the service. In addition, you edit the workflow presentation of the catalog item by using the form designer and change the way the consumers see the request form.

As a business group manager or a tenant administrator, you entitle the newly created service, catalog item, and resource action to a consumer.


Verify that the Active Directory plug-in is properly configured and you have the rights to create users in Active Directory.