You can use placements and placement settings to limit and reserve resources used by a business group. You can also set a priority to the reserved amount of CPU or memory.

About this task

You can edit or delete the placements you created by pointing at them and clicking the corresponding button.

When you create or manage placements, you can click one of the two icons to the right to expand additional options. The Placement Zones and Deployment Placements icons allow you to add or manage placement zones and deployment placements.


  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a container administrator.

  • Verify that the specified CPU or memory resources are available.

  • Verify that at least one host is configured and available for container network configuration.


  1. Click the Containers tab.
  2. Click Placements.
  3. Click Add on the Placements page.
  4. Enter a name for your placement.
  5. Assign the placement to a group.
  6. Select a placement zone from the list.
  7. (Optional) Select a deployment placement from the list.
  8. (Optional) Enter a priority value for the placement.

    Enter a positive number, with 1 representing the highest priority. To specify the lowest priority, leave the field blank.

  9. Specify the number of instances.
  10. Select the maximum amount of memory that can be used.

    Select a number between 0 and the amount of memory available in the placement zone. This is the total memory available for resources in this placement. Enter 0 to specify no limit.

  11. Enter the percentage of CPU resources that you want to assign to this placement.
  12. Click the checkmark button to create the placement.