Your vRealize Automation installation can fail if the IaaS installer is unable to save the Model Manager Data component and Web component.


Your installation fails with the following message:

The IaaS installer failed to save the Model Manager Data and
  Web components. 


The failure has several potential causes.

  • Connectivity issues to the vRealize Automation appliance or connectivity issues between the appliances. A connection attempt fails because there was no response or the connection could not be made.

  • Trusted certificate issues in IaaS when using a distributed configuration.

  • A certificate name mismatch in a distributed configuration.

  • The certificate may be invalid or an error on the certificate chain might exist.

  • The Repository Service fails to start.

  • Incorrect configuration of the load balancer in a distributed environment.


  • Connectivity

    Verify that you can connect to the vRealize Automation URL in a Web browser.


  • Trusted Certificate Issues
    • In IaaS, open Microsoft Management Console with the command mmc.exe and check that the certificate used in the installation has been added to the Trusted Root Certificate Store in the machine.

    • From a Web browser, check the status of the MetaModel service and verify that no certificate errors appear:


  • Certificate Name Mismatch

    This error can occur when the certificate is issued to a particular name and a different name or IP address is used. You can suppress the certificate name mismatch error during installation by selecting Suppress certificate mismatch.

    You can also use the Suppress certificate mismatch option to ignore remote certificate revocation list match errors.

  • Invalid Certificate

    Open Microsoft Management Console with the command mmc.exe. Check that the certificate is not expired and that the status is correct. Do this for all certificates in the certificate chain. You might have to import other certificates in the chain into the Trusted Root Certificate Store when using a Certificate hierarchy.

  • Repository Service

    Use the following actions to check the status of the repository service.

    • From a Web browser, check the status of the MetaModel service:


    • Check the Repository.log for errors.

    • Reset IIS (iisreset) if you have problems with the applications hosted on the Web site (Repository, vRealize Automation, or WAPI).

    • Check the Web site logs in %SystemDrive%\inetpub\logs\LogFiles for additional logging information.

    • Verify that Prerequisite Checker passed when checking the requirements.

    • On Windows 2012, check that WCF Services under .NET Framework is installed and that HTTP activation is installed.