Non-vSphere machine components do not have a Network or Security tab. You can add network and security options to non-vSphere machine components in the blueprint design canvas by using custom properties.

The Network & Security components are only available for use with vSphere machine components.

For machine components that do not have a Network or Security tab, you can add network and security custom properties, such as VirtualMachine.Network0.Name, to their Properties tab in the design canvas. NSX network, security, and load balancer properties are only applicable to vSphere machines.

You can define custom properties individually or as part of an existing property group by using the Properties tab when configuring a machine component in the design canvas. The custom properties that you define for a machine component pertain to machines of that type that are provisioned from the blueprint.

For information about the available custom properties, see Custom Properties Grouped by Function and Custom Properties Grouped by Name.