You can obtain IP addresses and ranges for use in an external and existing vRealize Automation network profile from a supported external IPAM solution provider, such as Infoblox. The IP address ranges in the network profile are used in an associated reservation, which you specify in a blueprint. When an entitled user requests machine provisioning using the blueprint catalog item, an IP address is obtained from the Infoblox IPAM-specified range of IP addresses. After machine deployment, you can discover the IP address used by querying its vRealize Automation item details page.

Table 1. Preparing for Provisioning a vRealize Automation Deployment Using Infoblox IPAM Checklist




Check BoxObtain, import, and configure the external IPAM solution provider plug-in or package.

Obtain and import the vRealize Orchestrator plug-in, run the vRealize Orchestrator configuration workflows, and register the IPAM provider endpoint type in vRealize Orchestrator.

If the VMware Solution Exchange ( does not contain the IPAM provider package that you need, you can create your own using an IPAM Solution Provider SDK and supporting documentation.

See Checklist for Preparing For Third-Party IPAM Provider Support.

Check BoxCreate an external IPAM solution provider endpoint.

Create a new IPAM endpoint in vRealize Automation.

See Create a Third-Party IPAM Provider Endpoint.

Check Box Specify external IPAM solution provider endpoint settings in an external network profile.

Create an external network profile and specify the defined IPAM endpoint in vRealize Automation.

See Create an External Network Profile by Using A Third-Party IPAM Provider.

Check BoxDefine a reservation to use the external network profile for an existing network path.

Create a reservation that calls the network profile in vRealize Automation.

See Create a Reservation for Hyper-V, KVM, SCVMM, vSphere, or XenServer.

Check Box Define a blueprint that uses the external network profile.

Create a blueprint that uses the reservation in vRealize Automation.

Check Box Entitle the blueprint and add it to the catalog.

Entitle the blueprint and add it to the catalog in vRealize Automation.

Check BoxRequest machine provision by using the blueprint catalog item.

Use the blueprint catalog item to request machine provisioning in vRealize Automation.

Check BoxQuery which IP address the deployment resides on by using the My Items page.

Determine the network IP address used for the deployment in vRealize Automation.