You can use the IaaS, Software, and XaaS features of vRealize Automation to model custom on-demand IT services and deliver them to your users through the vRealize Automation common service catalog.

Catalog items can range in complexity from a single, simple machine with no guest operating system to complex custom application stacks delivered on multiple machine under a load balancer.

You can create and publish blueprints for a single machine, or a single custom XaaS resource, but you can also combine machine blueprints and XaaS blueprints with other building blocks to design elaborate application blueprints that include multiple machines, networking and security, software with full life cycle support, and custom XaaS functionality. Because all published blueprints and blueprint components are reusable, you can create a library of these components and combine them in new blueprints to deliver increasingly complex on-demand services.

Published blueprints become catalog items that your service catalog administrators can deliver to your users. The service catalog provides a unified self-service portal for consuming IT services. Service catalog administrators can manage user access to catalog services, items, and actions by using entitlements and approvals, and users can browse the catalog to request items they need, track their requests, and manage their provisioned items.

Diagram of Creating Blueprints