You create a vRealize Orchestrator workflow that accepts the required input parameter. You design the workflow to accomplish your post-provisioning goal.

Before you begin

Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator that is the instance configured for vRealize Automation with privileges that allow you to create a workflow.

About this task

For information about creating vRealize Orchestrator folders and workflows, see Developing with VMware vRealize Orchestrator.


  1. Create a folder for your workflow subscription workflows in the workflow library.
  2. Create a new workflow.

    For this scenario, name the workflow Automation Post-Provisioning Snapshot.

  3. Add the following input parameter.





  4. Add a scriptable task that accepts the input parameter and creates a virtual machine snapshot.
  5. Save the workflow.

What to do next

You create a workflow subscription that runs your Automation Post-Provisioning Snapshot workflow. Scenario: Create a Post-Provisioning Snapshot Workflow Subscription.