The vRealize Automation system administrator can create the database manually using VMware-provided scripts.

Before you begin

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later must be installed on the SQL Server host.

  • Use Windows Authentication, rather than SQL Authentication, to connect to the database.

  • Verify the database installation prerequisites. See IaaS SQL Server Host.

  • Open a Web browser to the vRealize Automation appliance installer URL, and download the IaaS database installation scripts.



  1. Navigate to the Database subdirectory in the directory where you extracted the installation zip archive.
  2. Extract the archive to a local directory.
  3. Log in to the Windows database host with sufficient rights to create and drop databases sysadmin privileges in the SQL Server instance.
  4. Review the database deployment scripts as needed. In particular, review the settings in the DBSettings section of CreateDatabase.sql and edit them if necessary.

    The settings in the script are the recommended settings. Only ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION ON and READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON are required.

  5. Execute the following command with the arguments described in the table.
    BuildDB.bat /p:DBServer=db_server;
    Table 1. Database Values




    Specifies the SQL Server instance in the format dbhostname[,port number]\SQL instance. Specify a port number only if you are using a non-default port. The Microsoft SQL default port number is 1433. The default value for db_server is localhost.


    Name of the database. The default value is vra. Database names must consist of no more than 128 ASCII characters.


    Path to the data directory for the database, excluding the final slash.


    Path to the log directory for the database, excluding the final slash.


    User name under which the Manager Service runs.


    User name under which the Web services run.


    The vRealize Automation version, found by logging in to the vRealize Automation appliance and clicking the Update tab.

    For example, the vRealize Automation 6.1 version string is


The database is created.

What to do next

Install the IaaS Components in a Distributed Configuration.