The vRealize Automation installation command line interface includes top-level, basic operations.

The basic operations display vRealize Automation node IDs, run commands, report command status, or display the help information. To show these operations and all of their options at the console display, enter the following command without any options or qualifiers.


Display Node IDs

You need to know vRealize Automation node IDs in order to run commands against the correct target systems. To display node IDs, enter the following command.

vra-command list-nodes

Make note of node IDs before running commands against specific machines.

Run Commands

Most command line functions involve running a command against a node in the vRealize Automation cluster. To run a command, use the following syntax.

vra-command execute --node node-ID command-name --parameter-name parameter-value

As shown in the preceding syntax, many commands require parameters and parameter values chosen by the user.

Display Command Status

Some commands take a few moments or even longer to complete. To check the progress of a command that was entered, enter the following command.

vra-command status

The status command is especially valuable for monitoring a silent install, which can take a long time for large deployment sizes.

Display Help

To display help information for all available commands, enter the following command.

vra-command help

To display help for a single command, enter the following command.

vra-command help command-name