All IaaS Windows servers require the Management Agent, which links them to their specific vRealize Automation appliance.

If you host the vRealize Automation SQL Server database on a separate Windows machine that does not host IaaS components, the SQL Server machine does not need the Management Agent.

The Management Agent registers the IaaS Windows server with the specific vRealize Automation appliance, automates the installation and management of IaaS components, and collects support and telemetry information. The Management Agent runs as a Windows service under a domain account with administrator rights on IaaS Windows servers.


Create a vRealize Automation appliance and begin the Installation Wizard.

See Deploy the vRealize Automation Appliance and Start the Installation Wizard for an Enterprise Deployment.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Automation appliance console as root.
  2. Enter the following command:

    openssl x509 -in /opt/vmware/etc/lighttpd/server.pem -fingerprint -noout -sha1

  3. Copy the fingerprint so that you can verify it later. For example:


  4. Log in to the IaaS Windows server using an account that has administrator rights.
  5. Open a Web browser to the vRealize Automation appliance installer URL.


  6. Click Management Agent installer, and save and run the .msi file.
  7. Read the welcome.
  8. Accept the end user license agreement.
  9. Accept or change the installation folder.

    Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCAC\Management Agent

  10. Enter vRealize Automation appliance details:
    1. Enter the appliance HTTPS address, including FQDN and :5480 port number.
    2. Enter the appliance root account credentials.
    3. Click Load, and confirm that the fingerprint matches the one you copied earlier. Ignore colons.

      If the fingerprints do not match, verify that you have the correct appliance address.

      Figure 1. Management Agent—vRealize Automation Appliance Details
      Appliance Address, Credentials, and Fingerprint

  11. Enter the domain\username and password for the service account.

    The service account must be a domain account with administrator rights on IaaS Windows servers. Use the same service account throughout.

  12. Follow the prompts to finish installing the Management Agent.


Repeat the procedure for all Windows servers that will host IaaS components.


Because they are linked, you must reinstall the Management Agent if you replace the vRealize Automation appliance.

Uninstalling IaaS from a Windows server does not remove the Management Agent. To uninstall a Management Agent, separately use the Add or Remove Programs option in Windows.

What to do next

Return to the browser-based Installation Wizard. IaaS Windows servers with the Management Agent installed appear under Discovered Hosts.