After you finish the upgrade prerequisites and download the virtual appliance update, you install the update on the VMware vRealize ™ Automation appliance.

You install the update on the vRealize Automation appliance. For a distributed environment, you install the update on the master appliance node. The time required for the update to finish varies according to your environment and network. When the update finishes, the system displays the changes made on the Update Status page of the management console. When the appliance update finishes, you must reboot the appliance. When you reboot the master appliance in a distributed environment, the system reboots each replica node.

After you reboot, Waiting for all services to start appears on the Update Status page. The IaaS update starts when the system is fully initialized and all services are running. You can observe the IaaS upgrade progress on the Update Status page. The first IaaS server component can take about 30 minutes to finish. During the upgrade, you see a message similar to Upgrading server components for node

At the end of the upgrade process for each Manager Service node, you see a message similar to Enabling ManagerService automatic failover mode for node In vRealize Automation 7.3, the active Manager Service node changes from a manual election to a system decision about which node becomes the failover server. The system enables this feature during upgrade. If you have problems with this feature, see Update Fails to Upgrade the Management Agent.