For a high-availability deployment, you must manually rejoin each target replica VMware vRealize ™ Automation appliance to the cluster to enable high-availability support for the embedded VMware vRealize ™ Orchestrator ™.


Log in to the target replica vRealize Automation appliance management console.

  1. Start a browser and open the target replica vRealize Automation management console using the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the target replica virtual appliance:

  2. Log in with the user name root and the password that you entered when you deployed the target replica vRealize Automation appliance.


  1. Select vRA Settings > Cluster.
  2. In the Leading Cluster Node text box, enter the FQDN of the target master vRealize Automation appliance.
  3. Enter the root password in the Password text box.
  4. Click Join Cluster.

    Continue past any certificate warnings. The system restarts services for the cluster.

  5. Verify that the services are running.
    1. On the top tab bar, click Services.
    2. Click Refresh to monitor the progress of services startup.

What to do next

Restore the Configuration of the Source vRealize Automation Appliance