In a high availability vRealize Automation deployment, some configurations allow the embedded vRealize Automation PostgreSQL database to fail over automatically.

Automatic failover is silently enabled under the following conditions.

  • The high availability deployment includes three vRealize Automation appliances.

    Automatic failover is not supported with only two appliances.

  • Database replication is set to Synchronous Mode in vRA Settings > Database in the vRealize Automation administration interface.

Usually, you should avoid performing a manual failover while automatic failover is enabled. However, for some node problems, automatic failover might not occur even though it is enabled. When that happens, check to see if you need to perform a manual failover.

  1. After the primary PostgreSQL database node fails, wait up to 5 minutes for the rest of the cluster to stabilize.

  2. On a surviving vRealize Automation appliance node, open a browser to the following URL.


  3. Search for manualFailoverNeeded.

  4. If manualFailoverNeeded is true, perform a manual failover.

For more information, see Perform Manual vRealize Automation Appliance Database Failover.