On the Migration Configuration page, you can start the transfer of another, older vRealize Automation deployment to your newly installed deployment.

Before migrating an older deployment, address the following guidelines.

  • Thoroughly review the vRealize Automation migration guide associated with your older deployment version. Prerequisites and other details might vary.

  • Migrate the older tenants and identity stores to VMware Identity Manager on the new deployment.

  • Clone the older IaaS SQL Server database and restore it to the new deployment IaaS database. Note the name of the cloned database.

  • Obtain and make note of the encryption key for the older IaaS SQL Server database.

  • Create and make note of a new passphrase for re-encrypting the migrated data.

  • Note the older vRealize Automation appliance or load balancer FQDN and root login credentials.

  • Note the new deployment root login credentials.