A system administrator must manually remove some files and revert the database to completely uninstall a failed vRealize Automation IaaS installation.


  1. If the following components are present, uninstall them with the Windows uninstaller.
    • vRealize Automation Agents

    • vRealize Automation DEM-Worker

    • vRealize Automation DEM-Orchestrator

    • vRealize Automation Server

    • vRealize Automation WAPI


    If you see the following message, restart the machine and then follow the steps in this procedure: Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and it is writable


    If the Windows system has been reverted or you have uninstalled IaaS, you must run the iisreset command before you reinstall vRealize Automation IaaS.

  2. Revert your database to the state it was in before the installation was started. The method you use depends on the original database installation mode.
  3. In IIS (Internet Information Services Manager) select Default Web Site (or your custom site) and click Bindings. Remove the https binding (defaults to 443).
  4. Check that the Applications Repository, vRealize Automation and WAPI have been deleted and that the application pools RepositoryAppPool, vCACAppPool, WapiAppPool have also been deleted.


The installation is completely removed.