Catalog items that use certain property definitions from prior versions appear in the service catalog but are not available to request after migrating to the latest version of vRealize Automation.


If you migrated from a 6.2.x or earlier version and you had property definitions with these control types or attributes, these elements are missing from the property definitions and any catalog items that use the definitions do not function as they did before you performed the migration.

  • Control types. Check box or link.

  • Attributes. Relationship, regular expressions, or property layouts.


In vRealize Automation 7.0 and later, the property definitions no longer use these elements. You must recreate the property definition or configure the property definition to use a vRealize Orchestrator script action rather than the embedded control types or attributes.

Migrate the control type or attributes to vRealize Automation 7.x using a script action.


  1. In vRealize Orchestrator, create a script action that returns the property values. The action must return a simple type. For example, return strings, integers, or other supported types. The action can take the other properties on which it depends as an input parameter.
  2. In vRealize Automation console, configure the product definition.
    1. Select Administration > Property Dictionary > Property Definitions.
    2. Select the property definition and click Edit.
    3. From the Display advice drop-down menu, select Dropdown.
    4. From the Values drop-down menu, select External Values.
    5. Select the script action.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Configure the Input Parameters that are included in the script action. To preserve the existing relationship, bind the parameter to the other property.
    8. Click OK.