If you expect to use a VMware vSphere cluster that contains a large number of objects, for example, 3000 or more virtual machines, modify the manager service config file with larger values. If you do not modify this setting, large inventory data collections might fail.

Modify the default value of the ProxyAgentServiceBinding and maxStringContentLength settings in the ManagerService.exe.config file.


  1. Open the ManagerService.exe.config file in a text editor.

    Typically, this file resides at C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCAC\Server.

  2. Locate the binding name and readerQuotas lines in the file.
     <binding name=”ProxyAgentServiceBinding” maxReceivedMessageSize=”13107200”>
              <readerQuotas maxStringContentLength=”13107200” />

    Do not confuse these two lines with the similar lines that contain the following string: binding name = "ProvisionServiceBinding".

  3. Replace the number values assigned to the maxReceivedMessageSize and maxStringContentLength attributes with a larger value.

    The optimal size depends on how many more objects you expect your VMware vSphere cluster to contain in the future. For example, you can increase these numbers by a factor of 10 for testing.

  4. Save your changes and close the file.
  5. Restart the vRealize Automation manager service.