On the Microsoft SQL Server page, you configure the vRealize Automation IaaS SQL database. The IaaS database records provisioned machines, associated elements, and policies.



Server Name

Enter the FQDN of the SQL Server host, which may be an IaaS Windows server or a separate server.

If you need to specify a port number or named instance, use FQDN,Port\Instance format.

When you use SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group (AAG) you specify the AAG listener FQDN.

Database Name

Accept the default of vra, or enter a different name for the IaaS database.

Create new database

Allow the Installation Wizard to create the database.

For this option to work, the account that runs the Management Agent on the primary IaaS Web server must have the sysadmin role in SQL.

Use existing empty database

Do not allow the Installation Wizard to create the database.

When you separately create the database, the Windows user or SQL user credentials that you provide need dbo permission on the database.

Default Settings

(New Database Only) Clear this option only if you want to use an alternative storage location for IaaS data and log files.

When cleared, enter directories for data (MDF) and logs. Your SQL Server service account must have write permission to the directories.

Use SSL for database connection

Encrypt connections to the database. To use this option, you must separately configure your SQL Server host for SSL. In addition, the IaaS Web server and Manager Service host must trust the SSL certificate from your SQL Server host.

Windows Authentication

Clear this option only if you want to use SQL authentication instead of Windows.

When cleared, enter SQL authentication credentials.

Installation Path

Leave clear to accept the default of %ProgramFiles(x86)%\VMware, or enter an alternative location.

  • vRealize Automation files are not installed on the SQL Server host. They are placed on the primary IaaS Web server.

  • If you install multiple IaaS components on the same Windows machine, install them all under the same installation path.