A system administrator installs a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) agent to integrate XenDesktop servers into vRealize Automation.

You can install a general VDI agent to interact with multiple servers. If you are installing one dedicated agent per server for load balancing or authorization reasons, you must provide the name of the XenDesktop DDC server when installing the agent. A dedicated agent can handle only registration requests directed to the server specified in its configuration.

Consult the vRealize Automation Support Matrix on the VMware Web site for information about supported versions of XenDesktop for XenDesktop DDC servers.

Installation Host and Credentials

The credentials under which the agent runs must have administrative access to all XenDesktop DDC servers with which it interacts.

XenDesktop Requirements

The name given to the XenServer Host on your XenDesktop server must match the UUID of the Xen Pool in XenCenter. See Set the XenServer Host Name for more information.

Each XenDesktop DDC server with which you intend to register machines must be configured in the following way:

  • The group/catalog type must be set to Existing for use with vRealize Automation.

  • The name of a vCenter Server host on a DDC server must match the name of thevCenter Server instance as entered in the vRealize Automation vSphere endpoint, without the domain. The endpoint must be configured with a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), and not with an IP address. For example, if the address in the endpoint is https://virtual-center27.domain/sdk, the name of the host on the DDC server must be set to virtual-center27.

    If your vRealize Automation vSphere endpoint has been configured with an IP address, you must change it to use an FQDN. See IaaS Configuration for more information about setting up endpoints.

XenDesktop Agent Host requirements

Citrix XenDesktop SDK must be installed. The SDK for XenDesktop is included on the XenDesktop installation disc.

Verify that Microsoft PowerShell is installed on the installation host before agent installation. The version required depends on the operating system of the installation host. See Microsoft Help and Support.

MS PowerShell Execution Policy is set to RemoteSigned or Unrestricted. See Set the PowerShell Execution Policy to RemoteSigned.

For more information about PowerShell Execution Policy, run help about_signing or help Set-ExecutionPolicy at the PowerShell command prompt.