Health checks ensure that a load balancer sends traffic only to nodes that are working. The load balancer sends a health check at a specified frequency to every node. Nodes that exceed the failure threshold become ineligible for new traffic.

For workload distribution and failover, you can place multiple vRealize Automation appliances behind a load balancer. In addition, you can place multiple IaaS Web servers and multiple IaaS Manager Service servers behind their respective load balancers.

When using load balancers, do not allow the load balancers to send health checks at any time during installation. Health checks might interfere with installation or cause the installation to behave unpredictably.

  • When deploying vRealize Automation appliance or IaaS components behind existing load balancers, disable health checks on all load balancers in the proposed configuration before installing any components.

  • After installing and configuring all of vRealize Automation, including all vRealize Automation appliance and IaaS components, you may re-enable health checks.