Because vulnerabilities in third party and unused software increase the risk of unauthorized system access and disruption of availability, it is important to review all software installed on VMware host machines and evaluate its use.

Do not install software that is not required for the secure operation of the system on the VMware host machines. Uninstall unused or extraneous software.

Inventory Installed Unsupported Software

Assess your VMware deployment and inventory of installed products to verify that no extraneous unsupported software is installed.

For more information about the support policies for third-party products, see the VMware support article at

Verify Third-Party Software

VMware does not support or recommend installation of third party software that has not been tested and verified. Insecure, unpatched, or unauthenticated third-party software installed on VMware host machines might put the system at risk of unauthorized access and disruption of availability. If you must use unsupported third-party software, consult the third-party vendor for secure configuration and patching requirements.