When you have more than one vRealize Automation appliance, the appliances must be able to identify each other by short hostname. Otherwise, you cannot log in.


You configure vRealize Automation for high availability by installing an additional vRealize Automation appliance. When you try to log in to vRealize Automation, a message about an invalid license appears. The message is incorrect though, because you determined that your license is valid.


The vRealize Automation appliance nodes do not correctly form a high availability cluster until they can resolve the short host names of the nodes in the cluster.


To allow a cluster of high availability vRealize Automation appliances to resolve short host names, take any of the following approaches. You must modify all appliances in the cluster.


  • Edit or create a search line in /etc/resolv.conf. The line should contain domains that hold vRealize Automation appliances. Separate multiple domains with spaces. For example:

    search sales.mycompany.com support.mycompany.com

  • Edit or create domain lines in /etc/resolv.conf. Each line should contain a domain that holds vRealize Automation appliances. For example:

    domain support.mycompany.com

  • Add lines to the /etc/hosts file so that each vRealize Automation appliance short name is mapped to its fully qualified domain name. For example:
    node1    node1.support.mycompany.com
    node2    node2.support.mycompany.com