When you upgrade vRealize Automation, your organization's existing role assignments are maintained. The upgrade also creates some role assignments to support additional blueprint architect roles.

The following architect roles are used to support the blueprint definition in the design canvas:

  • Application architect. Assembles existing components and blueprints to create composite blueprints.

  • Infrastructure architect. Creates and manages virtual machine blueprints.

  • XaaS architect. Creates and manages XaaS blueprints.

  • Software architect. Creates and manages Software components.

In vRealize Automation 7, tenant administrators and business group managers cannot design blueprints by default. Upgraded tenant administrators and business group managers are given the infrastructure architect role.

Users who can reconfigure a virtual machine in the vRealize Automation 6.2.x source version can change virtual machine ownership after you upgrade to the new version.

The following role assignments are made during the upgrade. Roles that are not listed in the table are upgraded to the same role name in the target deployment.

Table 1. Roles Assigned during Upgrade

Role in Source Deployment

Role in Target Deployment

Tenant administrator

Tenant administrator and Infrastructure architect

Business group manager

Business group manager and Infrastructure architect

Service architect

XaaS architect

Application architect

Software architect

For more information about roles, see Tenant Roles and Responsibilities in vRealize Automation.