A system administrator must configure an external connector for your vRealize Automation deployment using Directories Management if you are using third party identity providers such as Keberos or smart card authentication.

Directories Management supports multiple identity providers and connector clusters for each configured Active Directory. To use a third-party identity provider or smart card authentication, you can set up either a single external connector or a connector cluster with an appropriate identity provider behind a load balancer that permits SSL passthrough. See Managing Connectors and Connector Clusters for more information.

See Upgrading External Connectors for Directories Management for information about updating an external connector.

There are various certificate configuration options available for use with smart card authentication. See Configuring a Certificate or Smart Card Adapter for Use with Directories Management.


  • Configure an appropriate Active Directory connection for use with your vRealize Automation deployment.

  • Download the OVA file required to configure a connector from VMware vRealize Automation Tools and SDK.

  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator.