The vRealize Automation Designer console provides a visual workflow editor for customizing IaaS workflows.

You must have local administrator rights on the vRealize Automation Designer host (typically a development machine) in order to launch the vRealize Automation Designer console.

vCloud Automation Center Designer UI

The Toolbox pane on the left provides access to the vRealize Automation workflow activity library. You can drag activities from the toolbox onto the Designer pane to add them to a workflow. The Properties pane displays the configurable properties of the currently selected activity on the Designer pane. This interface is very similar to the workflow designer in Visual Studio.

The detail tabs at the bottom of the Designer pane enable you to display and edit variables within the scope of the selected activity or arguments to the selected activity.


Variables and arguments are both specified as Visual Basic expressions. However, variable names are not case sensitive while argument names are case sensitive. For information about valid arguments for the IaaS workflow activities, see vRealize Automation Workflow Activity Reference.

vCloud Automation Center Designer UI, focus on the Designer pane showing variables

The Imports tab displays imported namespaces from which you can select entity types to add to the workflow.

The collapsible Information pane at the bottom of the console displays any errors in configuring activities and provides access to the XAML representation of the workflow.