You can send automatic notifications for several types of events, such as the successful completion of a catalog request or a required approval.

System administrators can configure global email servers that process email notifications. Tenant administrators can override the system default servers, or add their own servers if no global servers are specified.

Tenant administrators select which events cause notifications to be sent to users in their tenants. Each component, such as the service catalog or IaaS, can define events that can trigger notifications, but none of them are selected by default.

Each user can choose whether to receive notifications. Users either receive all notifications configured by the tenant administrator or no notifications, they do not have fine-grained control over which notifications to receive.

Some emails have links that users can use to respond to the notification. For example, a notification about a request that requires approval can have one link for approving the request and one for rejecting it. When a user clicks one of the links, a new email opens with content that is automatically generated. The user can send the email to complete the approval.

Workflow diagram for configuring notifications