Fabric administrators can reduce the number of machines on a particular reservation over the long term while keeping the reservation and the existing machines provisioned on it active.

You can reduce the reserved machine quota, memory, and storage of a virtual reservation below the amount currently allocated. This allows management of existing machines to continue without change while preventing provisioning of new machines until allocation falls below the new reserved amount.


Because virtual machines that are powered off are not included in allocated memory and machine quota totals, reducing the memory or machine allocation of a reservation might prevent machines that are currently powered off from being powered back on.

For example, consider a business group with a reservation that contains 20 provisioned machines that are set to expire over the next 90 days. If you want to reduce this reservation by attrition to no more than 15 machines, you can edit the reservation to reduce the quota from 20 machines to 15. No further machines can be provisioned on the reservation until the number of machines on the reservation is naturally reduced by the upcoming expirations.