You can define the types of load balancer logging actions that are captured and recorded in the load balancer logs.

After you define a load balancer component, or while you are defining a load balancer component, you can specify a logging level for collecting load balancer traffic logs. The logging levels that you define for any load balancer component on the blueprint apply to all load balancers that are defined in the blueprint.

Logging levels include debug, info, warning, error, and critical. Debug and info options log user requests while warning, error, and critical options do not log users requests.

For additional information about NSX load balancer logging, see the NSX Administration Guide.


  1. Select the Global tab on the load balancer component in the design canvas.
  2. Select one or more logging options from the Logging level drop-down menu.

    Select a logging level for collecting load balancer traffic logs. The setting applies to all NSX load balancer components in the blueprint.

    The logging settings are defined in the vSphere web client.

    • None

    • Info

    • Emergency

    • Alert

    • Critical

    • Error

    • Warning

    • Notice

    • Debug

  3. Click Save.


You can view and download the logs in the vSphere web client by using the Actions menu for the NSX Edge as described in Download Tech Support Logs for NSX Edge in NSX Product Documentation at