The default timeout value for all states and events is 30 minutes and is configured in the vRealize Automation global settings. Some workflows might take more time to run successfully. To accommodate different workflows in your environment, you can add timeout override values for individual workflows or states.

To modify the default timeout value, select Infrastructure > Administration > Global Settings and edit the value for Extensibility lifecycle message timeout. If you make changes to the global setting, you must restart the manager service.

To configure individual timeout values, add the workflow or event property to the appSetting section of the ManagerService.exe.config file, located on the IaaS server. The file is typically located in the %System-Drive%\Program Files x86\VMware\vCAC\Server directory. You should always make a copy of the file before editing it. If you make changes to the individual settings, you must restart the manager service.

The basic format for the keys is similar to the following examples.

  • For a workflow. Extensibility.{workflow}.Timeout

  • For events. Extensibility.{workflow}.{state}.EVENT.{event}.Timeout

  • For states. Extensibility.{workflow}.{state}.(PRE/POST).Timeout

Use the following as examples when adding keys to the appSetting section. The timeout value format is D is day and ms is milliseconds. Day and milliseconds are optional. Hours, minutes, and seconds are required.

  • To set the timeout for the entire BasicVmWorkflow workflow to 30 minutes, add <add key="Extensibility.BasicVmWorkflow.Timeout" value="00:30:00"/>.

  • To set the timeout for the OnFinalizeMachine global event in the VMPSMasterWorkflow32 to two hours, add <add key="Extensibility.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.EVENT.OnFinalizeMachine.Timeout" value="02:00:00"/>.

  • To set the timeout for the pre-request state of the VMPSMasterWorkflow32 to 2 days, add <add key="Extensibility.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.Requested.PRE.Timeout" value="2.00:00:00"/>.