Installing and Configuring vRealize Automation for the Rainpole Scenario provides instructions for installing and configuring vRealize Automation for a fictional company named Rainpole.

In the Rainpole scenario, a vSphere administrator installs a minimal deployment of vRealize Automation into a vSphere environment. After installation, the administrator logs into the vRealize Automation console and requests a catalog item that configures the Rainpole environment to provision and manage vSphere machines for a proof of concept deployment.

After the vSphere administrator is familiar with the proof of concept Rainpole environment, the administrator configures vRealize Automation as a development environment. The administrator prepares Rainpole so that a group of architects can build and test blueprints for import into a production environment.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for vSphere administrators who want to install a minimal deployment of vRealize Automation to use as a proof of concept or development environment.

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