When reconfiguration starts and as it progresses through the workflow, you can monitor the progress from the Edit page.

Table 1. Workflow States of Reconfigure Operations



Reconfigure pending

The State Operation was created.


A scheduled workflow has been created for the Distributed Execution Manager (DEM).


The interface-specific workflow is being executed.

Reconfigure failed, waiting to retry

The reconfigure failed, waiting for the owner to request a retry. If the machine owner is entitled to the actions execute reconfigure or cancel reconfigure, the owner can retry or cancel a reconfiguration.


The reconfigure failed, waiting for the RVG workflow to perform the next action.


The reconfigure was successful, waiting for the RVG workflow to perform the next action.


The user has canceled the reconfiguration. Machine owners who are entitled to the cancel reconfigure action can cancel a reconfiguration.


The completion workflow sets this state after completing the cleanup, so that the RVG workflow can proceed to clean up the state operations and approvals. A status of complete indicates that the request from vRealize Automation is finished, but it does not indicate that the machine reconfiguration completed successfully.